smilingrid: afternoon tea

October 17, 2014

afternoon tea

In a completely unsurprising move, one of the first outings I had with my roommates in Ireland was head to afternoon tea! 

Just down the (cobblestoned) street from my apartment, lies the most adorably cluttered little tea shop. Due to the joys of jetlag, we strolled in for a late breakfast.

^see? Adorably cluttered, indeed! They even hang chipped mugs in an artistic display in the front window!^


The whole shop has this sort of "old world" feel to it, from the well-loved menu booklets to the floral décor. It feels like stepping into a sepia-toned memory and suddenly seeing it in technicolor... that makes it sound a bit like the Wizard of Oz, doesn't it?

Kettles, kettles, everywhere and loads of tea to drink!

I felt so proper, with my china and itty bitty sugar prongs!

Natalie and I both got the lunch tea combo (with endless buckets of tea and tasty goodies galore!). It was delivered to our table displayed on this (frankly) picture perfect stand!, naturally, I took pics from all angles!

Om nom nom
Tiny sandwiches, scones, and baby cakes! What more could you want?

How about some delicious jam and clotted cream? Gosh, I love Ireland!

And I'm not the only one- just look at those loving visages!

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