smilingrid: Sarta Designs and blue skies

July 09, 2014

Sarta Designs and blue skies

(well okay, the sky isn't really blue in the later pics- because, sunset- but the skirt is a lovely sky blue so we're running with it, capiche? Cool beans, continue reading!)

The day we started moving everything into the new house was crazy and hectic (and not a small amount emotional)... but all of that faded away when the first thing I saw upon walking through the door was the b-e-a-utiful package!

I should probs rewind a bit, huh?
One of my favorite bloggin babes, Amanda from Brunette with a Bow, put together this adorable lookbook and teamed up with a company called Sarta Designs  to give away one of these custom (and perfect) skirts. I was immediately obsessed, and entered as many times as I cold, waiting anxiously for the winner to be announced.

Shock of all shocks, Amada reached out to me via twitter and Alex sent me an email to get the skirt-making process started! Fast forward again, and here we have these pics!

How gorgeous is this blue? I was having so much trouble picking from the shades of the rainbow (and then some!), so I trusted Alex to give me what I was oh-so-vaguely describing. She did not disappoint!

I know, I know, enough with the un wrapping pics already! onward to the outfit shots! To honor the beyond adorbs packaging, my first Sarta outfit (changed into the second these pics were taken!) included a gray and white striped top! 

I bet you were wondering why I used the word "perfect" to describe my new skirt, huh? I mean, besides the awesomeness of winning and the amazing kindness of the skirt's creator...

well, here's the reason:
It. Has. Pockets.

yes, the zooming in is completely necessary!

oh, don't look at me like that! Pockets are a Big Deal.

(heads up, here come the beach pics!)

Basically, allll the toes in the water!


It's so comfy and cute and practical (POCKETSSSS) that I basically want one in every color, pattern, and length. That would be the best way to solve any future indecisiveness, right?

Even if this post hasn't convinced you to go purchase a Sarta skirt of your own (which you totes should. Like, right now), you must follow @sartadesigns on Instagram! Over the fourth of July weekend, they held a flash sale via this social media outlet and it was glorious. Go forth and indulge your preppy side!

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