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July 15, 2014

patriotic pattern mixing

It's a little gray and rainy here in good ol' Boston, so I have some rainy-day outfit shots for you as I gather my notes and thoughts regarding #HerConference!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this weekend was a crazy amazing experience! I hope my (possibly excessive?) posts made you feel like you were part of the action, even if you were unable to attend! 

 As such a high-energy event, #HerConference has left me a bit drained physically and emotionally- but it completely rejuvenated me creatively!

Sorry for rambling (it's the previously mentioned drainage typing!), shall I get to the blogging thing now?

I love my new rain coat- it's the first one I've had in recent memory that isn't spattered with paint and about 5 sizes too big. PLUS I can pretend I'm little red riding hood! It's also got a million pockets and zippers and snaps to keep me occupied and give me somewhere to squirrel away my pens, notebooks, and assorted knick knacks. Although, the first time I accidentally undid one of the shoulder snaps, I nearly had a heart attack thinking that I had broken my coat forever... you live and you learn?

I'm sure you've noticed my fixation on stripes by now? I should probably count how many horizontally patterned tops reside in my drawers at some point...

That, and my scarves. I am weak.

And possibly proud of it? How do you pose? Seriously- someone let me and Katie of InkSpot know, 'cause we're a bit clueless!

Shirt- American Apparel (old, similar but cropped)
Jeans- Madewell (on eBay)
Shoes- swapped for from Kitty (similar also on eBay)

Details, details are so fun, when they're blogged for everyone!


Bracelets- assorted from Delia's (kind of similar?), Alex and Ani, and hand-me-downs from my mom!

(arm party seen before here, but I love it enough to become a vile stack repeater)

^This^ goes back to my not knowing how to pose, but it's funny so it stays!

What has made you jump for joy lately?
(see what I did there?)

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