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May 09, 2014


Have you ever heard the saying "dress well, test well?"
(You probably have... and if you haven/t, well, now ya know!)

I've decided to debut my own version in this post. You ready?
Are you sure you're ready?

Okay, I'm convinced!

"dress geeky, test like Hermione Granger!"
So, it doesn't rhyme like the original... I still like my version better!

shirt- Christmas present from Emma (we bought it at Walmart, believe it or not! This is the version they have now)
Skirt- Victoria's Secret (here- I want it in every color!)
Shoes- Frye (last seen here)

Bracelets- assorted for birthdays, graduations, service trips, and hand-me-downs from Mum!

basically, this outfit makes me one happy girl witch!

Laura wanted me to take a picture with the vespa, and who am I to deny my lovely photographer? Personally, I wanted to drive off on it, but I think my version miiight have gotten us into a wee bit more trouble (maybe).

I love this skirt because it is so comfy. I feel like I'm wearing PJs, but the fabric flows and flutters and is just awesome! I have called this skirt my wizard's robes before, since the drama of it makes me think of Shape's storming about!

 I just love my campus in the spring! (and the fall, and the winter... even occasionally in the summer if I'm nearby... What? BC's purtay!)

 What do you think of the knotted t-shirt thing I'm trying out with this maxi? I've seen it on Pinterest and decided to give it a go! Maybe better with a baggier shirt?
(also- that lipstick, though! One of my new favorite reds from Studio Gear Cosmetics, haul to come soon!)

 This outfit post brought to you because finals got me like this...

...and a fun photo shoot with my roomie in comfy clothes reverted me to this!

  Hope the end of the year isn't treating you too roughly! Just think, it's almost summer!


  1. I saw that shirt an could not pass by this post! With my last two fails tomorrow I needed some funny inspiration. Maybe I'll unpack my Harry Potter shirt just to wear for good luck :)

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  2. Saw thank you! I hope this frantic little post met your needs :) Test like Hermione Granger, it's a thing now! Good luck with your finals, you got this!

  3. Love the Harry Potter shirt! It makes any outfit better haha!

  4. That shirt is too adorable! I love this while look!!

  5. Love the skirt! Just brought a blue one just like it from TJ Maxx :)

  6. I love your shirt! haha, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so I would definitely test well in that! :)

  7. We are of a similar mind in that regard :D

  8. Thanks Courtney! Haha if only college would ask me about JK Rowling''s world...

  9. I love this outfit! The skirt looks so comfy and any look with HP shirt is a winner :D I should've tried that during my exams :P

  10. Thanks lovely! We'll have to see if the shirt helped my grades before we play the should've/could've/would've game :P