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July 03, 2014

Matcha DNA Black Matcha (Review & Giveaway!)

Hi loves! Before I dive into the meat of this post, I thought I'd give you a heads up- this review isn't going to be like the ones you've read on here before. I want to try something out and embed the review within a post about a larger topic. Hopefully, this well make it more fun to read! Whaddaya say? Will you give me your opinions in the comments?  Okay! Here we go!


As the country starts preparing in earnest for the fourth of July, the East Coast is bracing ourselves for something distinctly less patriotic- our first named storm of the season! Hello there, Arthur!

When a big storm starts brewing on the horizon, there are a couple things I like to have on hand!

1. Candles!
I don't know how the new house will fare in the face of a big' un, but we lost power a lot in the one we just moved from. This time, I'm beyond well-prepared with my favorite fandles courtesy of fandlemonium! Plus, there's just something cool about a candlelit room, am I right?
I guess  you could have flashlights instead... but that's nowhere near as fun!

2. Blankets!
Watching a storm has always been a delight of mine- nature loves to prove how incredible it is with light shows and audio effects,  and who am I to not watch with the awe the great outdoors deserves?! While pressed up against the window-panes is great on t's own, it becomes a million times more comfy when there are blankets galore (preferably in a nest or fort, but draped over shoulders will do in a pinch!)

3. Company!
Being alone in your house/apartment/place-of-dwelling in the midst of a storm is the making of a horror film! Besides that, it's so much more fun (and safe!) to have friends and family in the blanket fort with you! Scary stories can be told in the flickering light, with thunder to make everyone jump, but let's keep from being those kids who always die first in scary movies, yes?
Lucky me, I'm having Kitty, Megan, AND Sean over! Can't wait for some thoroughly missed roomie bonding (and hearing all about Spain in the summertime from Megs!)!

4. Entertainment!
This can just be the aforementioned story-telling or it can go the 21st century route- If your power doesn't go out or you have some fancy type of technology, movies are always a fun idea when you can't go outside! My mom is already talking about renting Jaws... because watching that while the ocean is literally coming to meet your back door makes so much sense!

5. Beverages!
What's a storm without some comforting liquids? Tea, Cocoa, Alcohol (for those over 21!), whatever floats your boat, you should have on hand (get it? Because water level is gonna rise and waves will be choppy... ah, forget it). For Arthur, I'm going to have mugs-on-mugs of black Matcha tea thanks to Matcha DNA!

They sent me this HUGE (no seriously, it's 10 ounces!) bag of deliciousness, and I have been beyond impressed! It not only tastes great, but it is Swiss certified organic, sustainable grown for maximum potency, and crazy high in antioxidants.

If you don't like it plain and hot (some don't), this powder can be used in food preparation or in the two recipes the folks at Matcha DNA were kind enough to send me- a latte or a martini!!!

If you are like me and prefer simplicity when it comes to your tea, all it takes is half a teaspoon and some hot water!

I added a splash of milk and some sweetener to my first cup! I needn't have, considering the natural sweetness, richness and smoothness! You live and you learn, I guess?

Is all of this making you wish you had some Matcha DNA on hand? I thought so! Luckily for you, the lovely folks of the company are letting me host a giveaway! Still too long a wait in your opinion? Head over to amazon to purchase your own now!

How do you prepare for a storm? Ooh! And what did you think of this review format? 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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