smilingrid: moving and shaking blues

July 01, 2014

moving and shaking blues

As you might have been able to tell from my Instagram account, we've done it- we have moved house! While I'm excited about the prospect of my new backdrop for outfit posts being the beach... I'm feeling a little conflicted about the whole moving thing. I wanted one more ride on our old swing and my dad's always down to play photographer so you get a bit of an impromptu outfit post! 

I hope you all realize how much I'm restraining myself from turning this post into a cliché about highs and lows in regards to the whole pendulum aspect of the swing... because that's essentially how I'm feeling. Prepare yourself for mid-level angst (or ignore the words and just look at the pictures, I won't judge!).

As much as I love the new house and the beach it abuts, I had a pretty wonderful childhood in the house we've recently moved out of. I've made so many memories within the walls of the house and we've been there so long that it feels like it's irrevocably ours.

But the sale was finalized today and all of our things moved out over the weekend. Someone else is going to be putting new furniture in the living room, painting over the bright teal walls of my bedroom, figuring out what to do with the nooks and crannies of old houses, and hanging pictures of a family that is not mine.

Some other kid is going to be falling off of my rickety swing (and getting right back on), climbing the small trees (and thinking they're redwoods), and rolling down the smallest of inclines (and pretending it's mount Everest).

And that's kind of cool, don't get me wrong. But it's also a punch straight to the gut. Because it feels like my impact on my house is not nearly as lasting as my house's impact on me. And maybe that's just me being melodramatic, I don't know. I just know that this is going to take a while to get used to.

Whew, sorry that got mope-y there! Just, if I can't express myself here... where can I? My little corner of the internet should be a safe place, right? Right! Glad we're in agreement! 
(btw this totes goes for you to! Feel free to share of yourself in the comments any time and on any post!)

since I did term this an impromptu outfit post, and in case anyone wants the deets of this beyond simple look:
Top: Target
Shorts: Brandy Melville Melville
(these are the most comfortable things ever! I usually only wear them for lounging, but most of my clothes were in boxes and the swing was calling my name!)
Shoes: Mom's super comfy "fitflops" from Marshalls (color me intrigued...)

Have you ever packed up all your things for a new beginning?

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