smilingrid: red, white, and blue, how do you do?

July 04, 2014

red, white, and blue, how do you do?

Who's excited for fireworks, cook-outs, and good old fashioned red, white and blue? You can bet we are! It's our first independence day living on the beach so you can bet t's going to be a fun one (even with Arthur lurking)! 
Speaking of fourths, do you remember last year's post (woah, I've been doing this for more than a year)? Last year, I donned this very patriotic men's flag tee from Urban Outfitters. This year, I decided to change it up!

no, literally, I changed the shirt up!

Shirt- DIY-ed Urban Outfitters
(original sold out, similar here and here) 
Skirt- Forever 21
Sunnies- Free People (similar)

I'm actually super proud of how this shirt turned out! How cute is that bow detailing? I have the whole process photographed to within an inch of it's life... so let me know if y'all want a how-to post!



What are you doing (and wearing!) for the fourth? If you're not from the US of A, how do you celebrate your country's special day?

I love you all!

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