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May 07, 2014

ten things (kinda)

As you can probably tell from the lovely temporary header (glasses make you smarter, right?), I am in the death grip of my sophomore finals! As such, posting isn't really happening as it ought to be (terribly sorry!)

BUT! I do have a plethora of pictures from recent occurrences, so I thought I'd give you a run down of what exciting things you can expect in the coming week(s)!

1) Finals outfit post! many thanks to Laura for being wonderful!

2) BC Arts Fest! I have some realll talented roomies, so get pumped to see them a'twirlin and a'singin on a stage inside a tent!

3) Modstock! BC's end of school celebratory outdoor concert- Last year with Macklemore was one of the first things I blogged about EVER!

4) Birthday shenanigans! Including pancakes and Disney, because how else would you celebrate turning 20?

5) Book and product reviews! I've got a boatload of things to show youuuuu... and give you! Don't you just love giveaways? I know I do (and if you agree, there's one going on RIGHT NOW)!

6) Tea date with Laura! We went to David's Tea and I'm in love... with Laura or with David? You decide!

7) Red Sox game with the lovely Colleen! You know summer is approaching when baseball is in the air- I can't wait to cheer on the Sox by screaming at my TV with my dad and brother!

seven is such an awkward number...

New headers that I've been making as study breaks?

tell me your fave!


  1. My favorite is the first one with the banners but all three are super adorable <3

  2. Thanks lovely <3 That's mine too, if I'm being honest :)