smilingrid: #tbt is a thing and I am giving in

May 23, 2013

#tbt is a thing and I am giving in

So, it’s Thursday.

And the #throwbackthursday tag is taking over every social media platform I use (besides pinterest. God bless pinterest.). So I figured I could do a recent throwback to before I had a blog. I take you back to my last day of classes, before finals became a dark hole that sucked me in and spat me out into a weird parallel universe, where I have actual summer jobs instead of climbing things and jumping off of them. I’m grown up. What.

Anyways, back we go. To that wonderful day that was also my birthday! *insert jazz hands here*

As you already know, my parents had given me my beautiful camera baby for my birthday. They came to campus the night before and we celebrated with dinner. It was such a nice break from talking about finals and moving out, two things that are very depressing at the end of freshman year. I’m still upset that I had to go home for the summer, take me baaack.

cute little birthday. 
why is it small things are so much cuter?

Anywho. That’s why I have pictures in this post.

I had convinced myself that no one would remember my birthday with all of the craziness of classes ending, finals, and THE MACKLEMORE CONCERT THAT DAY (he did a college tour on which we were a stop and my school gave us free tickets! Best. Present. Ever.) But! My friends are some kind of wonderful so I was showered with well wishes and hugs and sour patch kids. I don’t think you can get much more loved than that.

It had been a beautiful day before taking a turn to overcast and a bit misty during the concert. Which, actually, ended up being okay because everyone was too excited to be a good crowd and we all ended up squished within an inch of our lives. So, silver lining: if it had been hot, the situation would have been so much worse.

However, because of the jostling nature of this large mass of college kids, some of my pictures are blurry. Here is where I would like to thank some higher authority for my friends and the AMAZING shots they got. So, without further ado, Macklemore!
just in case you needed proof of the crazy crowd!
my wonderful roomie and I as we were squeezed together!
He got a pretty warm welcome

this one I grabbed from Facebook!

Thrift Shop! 
A girl was wearing this, it got crowd surfed up to the stage per Macklemore's request.

He called it a "salty Boston polar bear"

 I had a friend in the front row. 
Doesn't it feel like he's gazing into your soul?

some casual crowd walking

He had quite a costume for "And We Danced" 
It was hilarious.

This is my darling best friend! Kitty and I have known each other since before we can remember and anyone who reads this should be aware that they will be seeing a lot of her beautiful face!

 After the concert, I found my roommates for next year (7 other girls in my direct suite, including both Kitty and my roomie, and 8 guy friends we decided to block rooms with. Our school's rooming system is crazy but it worked out so so so well) and we all got dinner. After, Kitty got me a roll of cookie dough a) because of its deliciousness and b) because we share a love of cooking and baking and spend a LOT of our current play-dates indulging :)

After THAT, they all were super sneaky and had one friend distract me with promises of Pride and Prejudice while a cake was brought to my room! I love my friends, man.
Picture of me blowing out an electronic candle.
the flowers on top of the cake!

Pride and Prejudice did happen, by the way. We watched parts of the Colin Firth version (the only way to refer to this adaptation as far as I'm concerned)! My friend Erin and I are scarily similar and it is our favorite book and... this topic totally deserves its own post.

So, there you have it! Throwback Thursday complete! 

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