smilingrid: tea for two

May 15, 2014

tea for two

During study days, Laura and I had another roomie date! Unfortunately, the weather was not as cooperative as it was for our last one... but we didn't let that stop us! We trekked through the rain and wind (on barre-sore legs!), until the beautifully colorful oasis that is David's tea welcomed us... 

... with shot glasses of warm coconutty tea (mmmmmm) and a place to park our behinds

I mean, whaaaat? What are shot glasses? Mom, inform me of this completely unknown means to imbibe beverages!

(no cute Canadian is safe from my sneak attack pictures! Mwahaha)

Speaking of Mom(s)-something we have been doing lately- David was ever so thoughtful in putting together a mother's day selection! Because tea always makes the perfect gift! Laura got her mummy a mother's day collection that is no longer on their website (awww), but which contains awesomely named mixes like "mother's little helper" and "hot mama" (Yay!) 

^a godzilla sized ingenuitea!^

Tea-infused CHOCOLATE!

Where was this when I was feeling deathly ill all of April?

dessert themed tea in the cutest little ice cream containers!

I pretty much want to live in the store (and own one of those cardigans! How cool is that?)

you could say we sniffed a lot of tea...

This was my favorite! Strawberry rhubarb parfait smells of happiness, strawberries, and cream. Plus, it steps this very deep, super cool red!

Logically speaking, "Oh Canada!"must be Laura's favorite! Just look at those wittle maple leafs in the mix!
also, this- "Looking for a taste of Canada? Try this red rooibos tea. It’s sweetened with (what else?) maple syrup and sprinkled with delicious maple leaf candies. Plus it’s 100% diplomatic (well, caffeine-free) and tastes great in both our official languages. (...) A truly authentic Canadian experience." Anyone else LOL-ing?

I walked out with three little baby tins and enjoyed all three through finals and into summer!

One last sneaky pic of my darling (who's now back in Canadia... I miss her *sad face*)


  1. Hmmm... I don't know about tea chocolate bars. Little too crazy for me. I really want to try their flavoured agave, but I'm afraid to commit to a whole bottle.

  2. I'll let you know if either of us try them! The flavors seemed like they'd make sense in chocolate form, if that makes it better?