smilingrid: brewing up ingenuiTEA

April 30, 2014

brewing up ingenuiTEA

 I already knew adagio teas were wonderful for their tea... but this post takes my obsession with them to a whole new level! Are you ready for this? (hint: the answer is an emphatic "yes!")

This little contraption? It makes the perfect cup of tea. Every. Time.


So, it's kinda my favorite thing. And yes, it is ingenious.

Here's how it goes:

1. Cover the bottom mesh-y part with your loose leaf tea-of-choice.

2. Add boiled water (boil it however you usually do- kuerig, kettle, specific machine made to boil water... you do you, boo boo!)

3. Leave it to steeeeeeep.

4. Admire how cool it looks and exclaim several times how it looks like a potion in Snape's classroom


Just me?

5. Put the whole contraption on top of your mug! The valve at the bottom will open up and out will stream your perfectly perfect cuppa! 

Basically, match made in heaven.

It's a little annoying to clean, but no more so than a tea ball! Writing this has made me want (another) cup of tea... care to join me in a mad hatter's tea party?


  1. OMG this is beautiful. I need one. I'm such a loose leaf tea person but I feel like tea infuser balls always leak out some of the tea leaves. I need to get one! Thanks for sharing!


  2. RIGHT!? This is my absolute favorite- no tea leaves in your mug and it's also really fun to use :) adagio teas are also delicious if you feel like checking out their website!

  3. This looks amazing! I just got myself a french press, which I also use for tea.

  4. I didn't even think so that! Mmmm all the caffeinated beverages yum :)