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May 17, 2014

little red spidey hood

So, today I am taking a break from editing and posting all of the "catch up from finals" posts in order to tell you about what I did last night! Lisa and I headed to the move sin order to catch the new Spider-Man (which, by the way, came out on my birthday for the second year running)!

Ooh, before we go any further, everyone is aware of why Spider-Man needs his hyphen, right? No? Well, let me enlighten you with the help of the internet...

Now that we have cleared that up *ahem*
Attention readers! There be spoilers ahead! If you have not seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, stop here. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200... or. Guess you could juts look at the themed outfit pictures and avoid my enumeration of feels that were felt (because there were a LOT of feels but I don't want to ever spoil someone's Marvel. That's like the epitome of rude!). Yeah. That could also work.

So, this list is in no particular order. My feels are a bloody and raw mess right now, therefore so must this list be.

1. Gwen feels

First of all, seriously guys? It's only the second film in this franchise! I mean, I knew it was coming (because, comics) but I didn't expect her to die this early! Why would you want to kill off Emma Stone? Especially when she and Andrew Garfield (y'know, her real life boyfriend) playing the leads is a stroke of genius!
Secondly, all the feels for Gwen and Peter breaking up and trying to be friends and getting back together... can you say "rollercoaster?" Running right over the feels.
Thirdly, GWEN'S POOR FAMILY. They've been through too much. I cannot.

2. Aunt May feels

Oh my gosh, my heart just about burst when Aunt May did her "you're MY boy" monologue. You see those tears in Peter's eyes? Yeah, me too, bro. Web some tissues in my direction, please.
Aunt May mourning her husband. Yep, that hurts.
Aunt May becoming a nurse so she can take care of Peter even MORE.
Basically, everything May does is simultaneously perfect and heart-meet-cheese-shredder-y.

3. Max feels

So, yeah, the guy becomes a super villain. But that was due to circumstances out of his control! He basically become a bad guy BY ACCIDENT. And all he really wanted was to be bros with spidey. Ouch.

4. Harry feels (speaking of "bros with spidey")

OHMYGOSH all the Harry feels. The first scene with him shows his dad verbally ripping him to shreds and then delivering his death sentence. And then we have brief happiness and bromancing...before it all goes to hell.
Harry screaming "I NEED YOU" shattered my heart allll over again.
Plus! Seriously, we're doing the green goblin again? There are other Spider-Man villains that weren't covered in the previous franchise... but I miiight be a little bitter that they didn't even give us a full movie of best friends Peter-and-Harry...

5. Parker Family feels

The flashbacks, though! THE PLANE! IT CRASHED RIGHT INTO MY FEELS! Seeing Peter's reaction to his father's last video entry... my oh my.

And, of course, all of these feels are wrapped up in Peter feels. Poor baby main character! Everyone else's pain is all webbed up in his own, completely and horribly inseparable.
So yeah, my heart is still recovering. And there's less than a week until the new X-Men comes out soooo, I might not be functioning normally for a while. 

Outfit details!
Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here, here, and here)
New! Rain coat: BCBGeneration (similar here)

What's you favorite Marvel film?


  1. Coffee Beans High HeelsMay 18, 2014 at 9:09 AM

    ugh, i had to stop reading because i havent seen Spiderman 2. I love spiderman but havent found the time. and it also came out on my bday! go may 2nd!

  2. Hey birthday twinnie! You should definitely go see it! And then we can belatedly celebrate May 2nd with some TASM geeking out :D