smilingrid: tuna melts from the internet

May 19, 2014

tuna melts from the internet

If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you probably know that the internet sent me delicious cheese and the cutest of lunchboxes! Just looooook!

Thanks to influenster (<button over there<) my family and I got to try out some delicious ultra thin cheese slices from Sargento! Personally, I'm wicked excited to tote this polka dotted beauty to my summer internship!   

I used the yumminess (that hadn't been already snacked on, we like cheese in this family) to make tuna melts for my brother and I!

John was smothered in swiss while I used my favorite, provolone!

Also on mine, I spread some honey mustard on the bread and dripped some on the top cheese. I think it's the perfect addition to take a tuna melt to the next level, but that could just be me.


Look at 'em! Perfectly golden and melty and delicious.

yum yum yum.

Have you tried Sargento Ultra Thins? 'cause you should totally put them on your favorite sandwich!

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