smilingrid: Talissa!

April 02, 2014


Happy hump day! Here to help you celebrate that this week is halfway done with some sparkle and sass is my dearest Talissa!

She paired Majestical's necklace of sparkliness with a white floral skull tank, army green colored jeans, and a pair of killer combat boots! I love her look, especially in comparison to our roomies' more dressy or preppy takes. You go, girl!

One of her wildest dreams is to compete in Survivor or The Amazing Race. I see no craziness in this wish, let's make a gr8man team ad enter for next year!

Because she's exceedingly cool, she could easily watch the history channel all day.

She greatly enjoys singing at the top of her lungs, even though she says rude people have told her she's off beat (not me, I swear!)

Talissa, I'm so glad that we've been roommates this year! Getting to know you has been a blast and I love sharing laughs and favorite films with you (Pride and Prejudice AND Stardust?!?! Where have you been all my life?!). We need to plan our shopping trip soon! Thank you for helping me with this collaboration, I think your beautiful pictures speak for themselves as to how great our photoshoot was! Love you!

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