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April 03, 2014


Say a big "hello!" and "happy Thursday!" to my beloved roomie of two years, Megan!

She styled Majestical's purple and blue statement necklace with a gray, black and red high-waisted dress (and dancerly pose) for an evening off campus! I love this look because the necklace fits beautifully with a dress that has a completely different color scheme! Though, blue and red do make purple? I guess it doesn't matter why it works, just that it does!

Megan hails from Delaware and BC has a bigger population than her hometown!

Megan is pre-vet and her dream job is to work on an animal safari in Africa (how cool is that?!?!) She currently volunteers at a local zoo, which is preeetttyyy close, right?

My roomie can never get enough country music, and has completely changed freshman-Ingrid's perspective of "nonono turnitoff!" I thank you greatly, as it has become clear to me that country is perfect for nap time and road trip tunes!

I could not be more grateful to BC's random roommate assignments for freshmen. You have honestly made my BC experience as wonderful as it has been! From being baby freshies finding our way around campus, to our mid-summer road trip to NYC, the gr8man this year, and looking forward to rooming together next year, I could not have imagined our shenanigans any other way. You rock, I love you!

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