smilingrid: eggs on eggs on eggs

April 20, 2014

eggs on eggs on eggs

Happy Easter everyone! If you celebrate this holiday, I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you! If you don't, well, I hope you had a great day regardless!

My Easter was filled with eggs at every turn- the first of which included in brunch at my aunt's!

Mmmmm. They were baked and delicious...Hey, aunt Janet, I want the recipe!

Do these look like faces of contentment? I think yes! 

Some lovely brunch d├ęcor!

That is one big food baby!
After a moment to revel in the fullness, we turned to our next eggs of the day- decorating!
Emma set to folding the little egg stands- they make good rings, no?
But even better crowns!

Vinegar, water, and those little color nuggets make our dyes!

Bowl of eggs at the ready!

Pastels galore!

Emma tried to do something with cracking the egg and then dying it? (it didn't work)
Sparkly egg!

Look at alllll the eggies!

 Our third and final eggstallment was a hunt! I don't have many pics of this particular part od the day, because my family takes this very seriously, but I did manage to snap a few for ya!

I'm particularly fond of this one!

ta-daaaa! A bag full of goodies to be shared with my gr8man when I return to school tonight!


  1. What a fun Easter! Those flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Gotta love holidays that have become centered around candy :) Fresh flowers are such a treat- I couldn't not snap pics of them!