smilingrid: Kitty!

April 05, 2014


Disclaimer: this photoshoot took place to a playlist exclusively consisting of One Direction, so please excuse any blurriness due to groovy moves.

Happy Saturday! Today, you are graced by long-time featured friend on smilingrid- my beastie since childhood- Kitty! How happy are you to see her gorgeous self again?

What up, what up?

She paired Majestical's necklace with this really cool lace-y top, black jeans, and her favorite boots! I love the black and white color scheme- a) because it makes the necklace stand out and b) because she rocks it without it being boring! Almost hidden lace and combat boots for the win!

^see, jammin.^
I accidentally forced her to love One Direction... I think we're both okay with it!

Kittredge's ideal diet consists of chocolate covered strawberries and filet mignon, because she's fancy like that.

Okay, Iron Man, we get it. You're cool.
(superhero associations- take me as I am or watch me as I leave *snap*)

She can (and will) talk your ear off about organic farming for hours. You should listen- it's super interesting... and yummy! Kitty's backup plan has always been culinary school and becoming a (in my biased opinion) world-class chef. Until that time-and probably after- I will join her in gustatory experiments and greatly enjoy the results!

"It's gotta be youuUUuuUUUuuuu"
One Direction strikes again #sorrynotsorry


I'm sure this post has been telling you guys this all along, but she really should have been born French. She speaks la langue Francaise and is studying abroad in Paris next year... so, like, totally halfway to changing the nation of her birth?

Bonus: crafting with Kitty! How cool is this rustic DIY necklace holder?

Yeah, the whole blog is filled to the brim with how much I love this chick. If you want to read some more about our long-standing friendship, click on the "Kitty" tag at the bottom of this post. We've had some fun times and wicked adventures, broski.
(but for real, I love you. I would be a very different (and probably much worse) person without you in my life. I am thankful for you every day, Kittredge.)

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  1. This looks like such a fun session. I now want to be friends with you both. Well done.

  2. Hey Lix! It was a complete blast :D Internet buds for the win, my friend.

  3. Haha how fun! She looks so sassy in some of these. Yes to chocolate-covered strawberries. Yum!

  4. She's an absolute sass master... and I love her for it :D makes life more fun!