smilingrid: bundled up

January 04, 2014

bundled up

I've seen a couple of wintry outfit posts since the big snow storm, and they all look lovely... but so cold! When winter comes around, I tend to dress extremely warmly. "Layers" is practically my middle name! This mindset was drilled into me from a young age, when my family went skiing every weekend- the more layers you wear, the warmer you are, and the warmer you are, the longer you can stay on the slopes, ignoring slow signs and racing with friends!

So, without further ado, my wintry look!

Cute, no?

This trail is called "Miss Behavin"- why, that would be me n' Kate, at your service! 

I always seem to find myself surrounded by purple jackets amongst my ski team friends, but the general public is donning my shade of green more and more frequently!

Not exactly a conventional outfit post, but a style I've been enjoying since I was two years old! What's your favorite winter activity?


  1. Hey that's me! Loving the post and missing you

    1. Hey, it is! Glad you approve of this use of your face :P miss you too! Hannah asked if you and she could come visit me at the same time... Whadya say?