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December 25, 2013


Hello, my darling readers! I hope your Christmases are passing beautifully and that Santa was good to you. I will have pictures of Christmas morning, but they aren't quite ready (considering it's still Christmas morning, this cannot be a surprise). I do have pictures of our decorating phase, though- hope you enjoy them with Christmas spirit!

Mom made fondue to be eaten fireside and get our creative holiday juices flowing!

Remember how I said our gr8man Christmas card was proudly displayed on the mantle? Look at her, in her rightful place!

After fondue and warming by the fire, my dad and I took it upon ourselves to set up our Christmas village! 

my family's favorite building in the village!

Every year, we have to imagine a house on fire so that our fireman figurine has a purpose. This year, it was the "Lobster Pot"... which is a bummer for the folks having a date in the front window!

Say "hi" to Hans! Dad went to power up the tree for the lighting ceremony- something that simply must be taken seriously.

^crazy pet lady^

We glued a little addition to our favorite building! The little guy looks like a skier, doesn't he?

Whadya think?

We have the most Charlie Brown-esque tree we have ever had- which is saying something, since we usually chop it down in our back yard! A ski team friend had two, though, so we gladly took this love-starved tree off her hands!

We used heavy metal beer mugs to weigh down stubborn branches- an idea that tickled my dad's funny bone something fierce! 

In case you can't read it, it says "Ingrid's 1st." Quite the special ornament!

John approves.

I am a snow baby so it only makes sense that I have a collection of these. Aren't they cute?

We have about 3 of these so finding one isn't as lucky as it could be, despite tradition.

I think Charlie looks quite lovely with ornaments on his branches and presents about his trunk. He cleans up so well!

All in all, I think our house looks very festive and (as always) I absolutely love making it that way! How do you decorate?

Once again, Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful day!

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