smilingrid: study break

November 03, 2013

study break

I have tons of pictures to edit for you lovelies... however, they are going to have to wait. Studies come first! 

Whenever I'm going a bit crazy from all my reading/studying/project-ing/writing, I find some quick and fun breaks to keep insanity at bay. Recently, this has mostly consisted of rewatching episodes of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which you might remember from my excitable post on all things P&P). This time, I found a cute little show on Hulu called"Dating Rules From My Future Self"

The first season is quirky and a bit predictable (but in a cute, chick-flick kind of way). I didn't like the second season/new characters as much, but with less than ten minutes per episode I still think they did a good job! 

These quick little bursts are a great way to keep my head from spinning with text. What do you do during study breaks?


  1. I recently started rewatching Roswell, and it starred Shiri Appleby. I just think she is so adorable. I heard of this series and want to watch it!

    1. Do watch! It's so cute! And yes, Shiri Appleby is SO adorable!