smilingrid: pops of color (part four)

November 08, 2013

pops of color (part four)

...I might have a problem.

I'm so weeeeaaaaaak!

Many of my favorite bloggers are killing it with a deeper lip for fall and I was tempted back to the dogeared Estee Lauder site. Too much pretty.

Their packaging is always lovely, the gold definitely adds a little oomph!

I hadn't tried any of the Aerin brand; described as "a collection that makes beauty effortless, stylish and easy," one of her lipsticks seemed like a great addition! 

And a great addition it is! I bought the Mercer shade, which is a berry gorgeous (see what I did there?), almost purple color. It goes on smoothly and evenly, with the subtle scent of roses. When I first tried it on (about two seconds after opening my package), Laura gave two thumbs up. So, I'm quite pleased! The only issue I have is that it seems to wear off in patches, but I'm going to play around with application and see if I can't fix that.

I also decided to branch out a bit and try a gloss instead of a lipstick (anyone proud of me? nope? okay, moving on...) I don't usually like glosses since they make me think of middle school (*shudder*)...

But this one is quite nice! It's more of a mixture- lip stain/lipstick/lip gloss- which I like infinitely more. I got the color Ruby Glow, which is a little warmer than the Mercer lipstick, especially after some wear.  

Overall, I'm always pleased as punch with Estee Lauder, and this purchase is no different!

PS- they are already putting out holiday sets (including this monster)! Am I very far behind? Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

PPS- speaking of holidays, I'm working on getting Halloween pictures, I promise! Patience, young grasshopper!


  1. All these gorgeous berry shades are making me envious too, and now so is your pretty lipstick! I have never tried an Estee Lauder lipstick before.

    1. aw thanks, I'm glad you like! oh my gosh, I'm a bit obsessed with estee may or may not be a problem :)