smilingrid: "this is our f******* city!"

October 31, 2013

"this is our f******* city!"


It is a good time to be a Red Sox fan! I feel so lucky to be part of the generation that witnessed the breaking of the curse (#partylikeits1918), the beginning of a run that has yielded 3 world series championships in 10 years.

Ce-le-bra-tion time, come on!

Of course, our beloved MVP and the speaker of the wonderful title of this post, David Ortiz. He's our Papi!

Watching the games was just as great as it always is. The only difference is that instead of yelling at the TV with my dad and brother, I was doing so with my roommates (and I'd like to point out that a Yankees fan of a friend recognized the BS nature of the "obstruction" call that ended game 3. There was so much yelling.) It was a bonding experience, what can I say? We've screamed in terror together and cheered out of uncontrollable joy. We ah wicked close and Boston Strong!

On another note, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'll try to get some pictures of costumes this weekend! What is everyone dressing up as?