smilingrid: parading

November 16, 2013


Remember how the Red Sox won the world series? Well, Erin, Laura, and I decided to go yell ourselves hoarse at the parade! 

...and take pictures in every configuration possible! 
Thank you to the stranger who offered to take our picture for us-yay samaritans!

We had to get there pretty early to get our second row standing room (not bad, huh?). Just look at that crowd!

we were goofy (as per usual) during the long, long, looooong wait for the duck boats to reach us.

people found some interesting perches from which to observe the parade!

hey wally!

confetti canons!

"party like its 1918"

...I want a pair

even the duck boats had beards! #getbeard

woo hoo! TROPHY! 

we had a "KOJI! KOJI!" chant going on. His response was adorable- his translator went over to tell him something like "they're cheering for you" and he did this little nod as if to say, "I know! Isn't is great!"


 Oh what a fun way to lose some sleep and my voice! GO SOX!

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