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October 19, 2013

tarte treats

It's been a while since I've done any product-y posts! Sorry about that, make up junkies!

I'm really liking the few tarte thingies in my repertoire (remember my pretty eye shadows?), so the "thoughtful treasures" trio was (pretty insistently) calling my name. 

The cute packaging and good chunk of the price off? Added bonuses!

They give you a fancy oil, a lovely blush, and a lip color (sqeee!).

I really like the packaging of the Maracuja oil. It makes me feel like I'm applying a potion (a la Harry Potter) to my face... which will only stay cool as long as I don't turn into a frog or something equally slimy.

I'm not going to review the product just yet. I'm doing a top secret experiment. shhhhh

The blush is the main reason I purchased the trio! I love my idiot-proofed blush sticks (un, deux), but wanted to give powders a try. (gulp)

I'm super glad I did! Tarte's Thankful is a lovely color and applies super easily to give a natural flush. I haven't tested the 12 hour claim yet, but we'll see!

I love these PH interactive lip colors! It's such a cool idea, to give each user an individual pink! Tarte's version is kinda minty and creates a very nice pink for me. You can build the color to absolutely crazy levels, but one or two swipes usually does it for me!

Any beauty sets you've got your eyes on? 

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