smilingrid: back on the ice

October 18, 2013

back on the ice

It's hockey season again! You can feel the excitement as soon as you walk into Conte Forum; BC goes a bit insane when it comes to our hockey team. And for good reason! Our hockey team is amazing. 

(there are actual stars in my eyes. Carry on.)

So, I took a couple snaps to commemorate our first game (and one of my frined's first time attending a BC hockey game *gasp*)! We played RPI last weekend to kick of the season right!

Group hug!

Every time we score, the superfan sections get a bit wild... to the point where the school isn't letting the band set up our cheers anymore. We just like to chant "Sieve!" (gettit?) and tell the opposing goalie he sucks at life (and goal tending). Is that so horrible?

We have a new goalie. He's a freshman. Kitty and I want to adopt him. Yup. 

We ended up winning 7-2! 

We're playing Wisconsin in about two hours. I'll just be here, bouncing in my seat, waiting to get off of work. Don't mind me!

Go Eagles!


  1. I love Hockey! great post!

    I can't help but finish it with GO SENS GO though.... ;)

    1. My roommate is from Toronto... the only way I can respond is GO LEAFS (sorry, rooming privileges) :D

  2. It's my favorite! Glad to have you on board :D