smilingrid: #coulsonlives

October 20, 2013


I've been ridiculously excited for this show since I started hearing whispers through the inter web. You may remember my gushing scone baking this summer? Yeah, Coulson's a boss and I'm a geek, glad everyone is caught up.

This show (the first four episodes of which can be watched via Hulu!) has already exceeded my expectations. And I had a lot of expectations. The character of Agent Coulson is just as dry and competent and complicated as always. I would watch the show for that alone... but I don't have to! Because the script writing is great, character development has been completely on par, and the fact that it's Marvel gives the show lee-way to do whatever the heck they want! 

(Okay, character development deserves its own aside. There's a wonderful mix of characters on the team- in addition to my man Phil, you've got adorable little lab rats with accents, two act-now talk-later agents, and a quirky little computer hacker that they've taken in like a puppy. I can hardly deal with their interactions and how amazingly smart they all are. Strong intelligent characters? Especially female ones who don't need no man? I am so in. Carry on.)

I also really love the cameos of movie-verse characters going on- so far, both Cobie Smulders and Samuel L Jackson have made appearances- and the tension the higher-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D agents bring to the table. Let's just say mystery OohOOOHooohhh!

... oh, and did I mention? Joss Whedon is an executive producer!

Basically, what are you doing still reading this post? Click on over to Hulu so we can geek out together!


  1. I just started watching that show and I love it!