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October 23, 2013

in York we trust

So, seems like we've got a couple of hockey fans reading! Big "hello" to all of you! I'll remain nice and welcoming until our teams play each other, then all bets are off... just kidding... maybe

Any who! Let me give you another update! (first game here)

Our boys did it again!

BC faced off against #2 ranked Wisconsin last Friday.  Tickets were in high demand among the student body, they had to send out information in waves because not everyone could fit! Despite this limitation, Superfans still managed to set a new record for number of fans in Conte! 

Check out all the action! Sports!

This is Baldwin, our mascot. He's a swell eagle, he is.

The Eagles ended up winning 9-2! It was an absolutely amazing game; we were up 7-0 at one point! And what better night for such a decisive win than the night the school celebrated Jerry York, college hockey's winningest coach! We have posters that proclaim "In York We Trust" and he hasn't betrayed that faith; he clinched the aforementioned title last year while remaining the humblest of fellows. We're quite proud.

I can hardly wait for our next game; there's nothing quite like hockey season!


  1. Sounds like it was a great game! Crushing victory I dare say. Ahhh. Hockey season is starting up! I must admit my boyfriends converted me to a bit more of a CFL fan now (Go Ticats) but I'll still definitely be tuning in to see if my hockey team wins this friday!

    1. Indeed! It was so fun to be in the stands; they have an energy all their own! Hope your team(s) do well!

  2. Looks so much fun to be American, I really wanna spend at least a year in the USA!

    Photo Challenge @The Mind of an exchange

    1. Yeah, we have fun sometimes :P I hope you get to, staying outside your country of origin is such a cool experience!