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October 14, 2013

cheering squad

Long weekends are often a time when college kids go home, eat some home cooked meals, and have mom do their laundry. Instead of partaking in that time-honored tradition, some roommates and I surprised my brother by showing up to cheer him on in soccer!

apparently these are celebratory gestures?

My parents swung by to pick us up around 11AM and we enthusiastically took our seats in the stands!

My dad couldn't help himself, so we had a bit of a photo shoot in the bleachers!

We had a picnic lunch, I bumped into my high school soccer coach, and John won his game! Eventful day, no?

These candids catch my funny bone for some reason. Dad, were you trying to make us look like an advertisement or a girl band?

This is Zoe. We very strongly considered smuggling her back into our dorm.

She and her friend made us some bracelets...

...which we very proudly wear! We are one stylin' group!

All in all, I thought it was a great alternative to spending the whole weekend at home. I got to hang out with my parents and introduce them to some of my closest friends... AND I got a hug from my brother! He does love me, I swear!

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