smilingrid: baking shenanigans

September 02, 2013

baking shenanigans

I've mentioned that I love my roomie, right? Here's another reason to: she brought a mini cupcake maker to our suite! It's like an easy bake oven for college kids! 

With these darling confections in mind, we headed to the on-campus convenience store to pick up some dorm-room-baking necessities.

We prepared our batter as instructed by the box and mixed it all up in one of Kitty's lovely bowls. 
(this is probably not what she thought we'd be using them for... but then again, we've been friends long enough for her to expect bouts of random baking.)

Megan read the instructions and we were off to the races! 

Each batch only takes 5 minutes and makes six cupcakes! We weren't really thinking when we made the full box of batter so we ended up with approximately a gazillion cupcakes (you learn this term in college-level math, it's quite advanced). No worries though, since we live on the same floor as eight male friends, we just had to send off a text and have them all magically disappear! 

Okay, okay, I won't lie and say it was just the guys nomming- I will admit to eating multiple cupcakes and I'm sure my roommates would too. They were really good and we had assorted toppings! These included chocolate frosting, nutella, peanut butter, and fluff- just try and tell me you wouldn't have eaten a handful!

This was maybe half of the cupcakes? I couldn't get a really good measure because they kept being eaten!

Basically, all I can say is- thank you random freshman housing, you done good. Without you I would never have known the joy of a roommate with a mini cupcake maker, and the world would be a slightly darker place.