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September 01, 2013

we are BC

Once everyone moves in, campus really comes alive! Soon, a million things will be happening at once... but for now, our flurry of activity was the first football game. Badass BC vs. the villainous Villanova! 

I didn't feel like my baby would have been safe if she was brought along, so pictures are courtesy of my iPhone.

As a student standing in the crowd, let me just say that it's electric. Like most colleges, we have an assortment of cheers from which we can choose to scream at the tops of our lungs. A bunch of them have specific times to be implemented, while others can just be thrown around to rile up the crowd! 

We essentially have a game day uniform and those crazy Super Fan shirts unite us against our opponents. They can also unite us in frustration against our own team... but I'm sure I'll get into that at a later date. There are definitely some lulls in activity, but that's why you go to the games with friends!

Our group consisted of the six girls living in my eight-person-apartment right now (minus Megan because she was dancing and our other roommates because they haven't arrived yet), Kitty's cousin, and a handful of guys from our blocked suite!

This is how we celebrate having scored- the cheerleaders actually windmill on each other! It's amazing but kind of terrifying at the same time... which is pretty much how I describe cheerleading in general.

Fist pump!

We won our opening game 24-14! Take that Vila-no-fun (I heard that for the first time yesterday and thought it was so funny!)! Having a win under our belt feels very nice, especially since we finished last year with only two wins next to ten losses. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that we can do better this year! 

(If you want a more thorough recap of the game, head over here! I don't think I'm a sports writer just yet)

Hail, Alma Mater! Hail, all Hail!

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