smilingrid: first day fashion show

September 03, 2013

first day fashion show

One of the first nights we'd all (mostly) moved in, we had an impromptu fashion show! Everyone was swapping clothes and dancing around- basically, it was a jolly good time. 

So, as the first day of classes kept slyly inching closer, we decided to put on another one! Some of my roommates opted out, but here are some of our photographer's snaps from yesterday!

We're off to see the wizard...
(similars here and here)

(lace-y prettiness here, here, here, and here)

(shorts- J.Crew, necklace- J.Crew Factory)

Megan's choice!
(kind of similar here and here)

(shirt- J.Crew, skirt- in dress form 1 and in dress form 2, shoes- Gap)

(similar here, here, and here)

Laura's choice!

(similar here and here)

My choice!

Julie's choice!
(you can't see the anchors on her skirt here, but they're really really adorable! It's this pattern!)

Kitty's choice!

not a dress for school, but my Canadian is just too darn cute!

 ^parties in the back^

(kind-of-maybe-similar here)

Erin took all of these pictures, and we did not make it easy on her! We were too impatient to wait for better lighting and there was music to jam to... just wait for the bloopers reel.