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August 25, 2013

worth their weight in... guessed it, gold! 
I felt inspired by my new, beautiful, golden shoes... enough to look around my room and compile a list of similarly-hued loves!


I recently repurchased Orly's shade Luxe since the first one I owned exploded... all over the inside of a new bag, to add insult to injury. It goes opaque very quickly and I absolutely love wearing it on my toesies!

The glitter polish is an inexpensive one from a clothing store... don't remember which one, sorry! It's great for Christmas/New Year's Eve over red or green!


I never really used eyeshadow, it confused me for the longest time! But a French friend of mine brought me this stunning Dior palette (similar here) and managed to show me how to class it up subtly for a little extra oomph!


Sephora's precious gold luminizer (no longer online, check stores) is essentially glitter glue for your face. Used alone, it could be a kind of eye shadow shimmer-y thing. BUT! When a drop is mixed with an itty bitty amount of BB cream it becomes the most lovely highlighter!

Speaking of BB creams, I have recently been trying that whole thang. This Garnier Oil-controling one is included mostly on account of the golden packaging. I haven't used it all that much yet. Maybe I'll do a compare/contrast post about this and the other BB creams on my beauty shelf!


Y'all were just waiting for this weren't you?
I told you Lush products would appear on any lists I compiled here, so now I'm keeping my word! 

Lush actually adds "golden glitter for a subtle shimmer" to their Ultimate Shine shampoo bar. Yes, glitter! I love it for that fun fact alone... well, and how soft and shiny it leaves my locks!

I mentioned before that the Godiva Shampoo bar is my favorite Lush scent. It is an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of jasmine, hibiscus, and gardenia mixed with nut oils and cocoa and shea butters. The scent is pure gold to me, but add the lovely goldenrod color and it is a no-brainer to close out this list!

I'm feeling like ending this with another "the Outsiders"/Robert Frost reference, but I'll try to contain myself...
(stay gold, readers, stay gold)

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