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August 26, 2013

featured frames

My mom discovered Warby Parker online a while ago and very excitedly told me about them. The brand was thought up by a group of four friends with the intent to break the monopoly held by the overpriced brand-name eye wear companies. Instead of costing a couple hundred dollars, prescription lenses and frames from Warby Parker start at $95! I love the price, quality, and vintage aesthetic... and so does my mom!

They have a shop in Boston, so when we got our new prescriptions, we made a bee-line to Newbury Street (remember my previous outings?). We met up with family at a little cafe, where we drank actual buckets of coffee with our chosen pastries. Upon re-looking up the address of Warby Parker's show room, we realized it was right next to where we were having breakfast! 

Through the understated door, up two flights of stairs, and into the show room you go! 

How cool is it in here? It's a mix of minimalist and cluttered library... basically how I want my first apartment to look.

Mom and I tried on so many pairs of glasses in the search of our next pair...

...something the boys quickly grew bored of, since neither of them need glasses. Damn 20/20 vision. 

I ended up choosing the Percey in charcoal fade! How pretty are they? 
I can hardly wait for them to arrive!

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