smilingrid: beach the second

August 24, 2013

beach the second

Two beaches in one day? Yes! How awesome is that? 

We spent most of the day down at my aunt's beach before heading to my parents new "project"- let's just say they like fixer uppers. While the tour of the house revealed that they will be blissfully working away in all of their spare time, they have a plan and a great starting point. Just check out that view!

Now, imagine it at high tide... water, water, everywhere!

I could definitely get used to that, how about you?

The boys played some sort of weird game in which they threw rocks at each other while the girls watched bemusedly from the deck.

There's always lots of laughs with this group!

Apparently, I smile to widely for my brother's and mother's tastes- while my dad was taking pictures of Kate and I, they were off to the side yelling, "less teeth! less teeth!"

...And then candids happened. You can't see my teeth in these. Happy, you jerks? 

(They can't see,  but I'm sticking my tongue out in their general directions. So there!)

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