smilingrid: three cheers

August 13, 2013

three cheers

Today is my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! How crazy is that? How many people can say they can stay dedicated to anything for twenty five years, let alone another person?! 

My parents and their relationship are such an inspiration to me. In an age when emotions seem to be given less and less importance (the "hook up culture," if you will), my parents really provided me with a shining example of how a relationship is supposed to work. 

They never stop making each other laugh and are so obviously comfortable together. There is ease and understanding in their relationship, developed with years of loving attention.

They continually find ways to spend time together-  a walk around the neighborhood, a fix-it project, having a glass of wine on the side porch, it doesn't matter! They just want to be together in the sweetest of ways.

They really nurtured a loving environment for my brother and I. I completely credit their happiness in marriage for its part in creating our happiness as a family!

Cheers to you, mom and dad! Here's to another 25!

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