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August 12, 2013

happy feet

I am (completely unintentionally) working my way through the treatments they offer in store at LUSH. The people who work there are always just so wonderful that I want to stay as long as I can and hang out with them! They must feel the same way (or just realize I'm easily swayed into buying their products... nope, it's because we're best friends!), because they keep offering to scrub me down and doll me up!

I was a little wary of having a foot treatment done, because feet. Yuck. But my new bestie just took my reluctance as a challenge and set us right up!

And boy, am I glad she did! Check these products I got to try out!

If you want to give this a try at home, they have a convenient little gift wrap with all these goodies! 
(minus the t for toes, sorry)

First things first, I was brought a big ol' tub of warm water and handed a bath bomb to make things fun!

... It exploded! So surprising and fun to watch! Plus, it ended up making a great soak for my toes. All the points to LUSH!

My feet were scrubbed exfoliated with the foot-shaped Stepping Stone, before being swaddled in a cozy towel.

Ta da!

Next, came the Volcano! This one didn't explode like the bath bomb, it gets its name from the pumice in it. I wasn't sure what a foot mask entailed, but it felt like a clay face mask, and kind of tingled as it warmed and cooled my toesies in turn. It also has tomatoes, potatoes, and select essential oils to battle icky feet smells!

I don't know why my feet were plastic wrapped, but oh well! Felt nice!

Once this part was done, I had some of the minty and moisturizing foot lotion massaged into my often achy feet. 

Then, a squirt of their t for toes powder into the front of my shoes and I was (quite literally) dancing around the store!

Just in case you want to see where I was dancing, I give you LUSH! (a different store than Grace and I frequent)

Have a LUSHious day *wink*

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