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August 15, 2013

little tweed jacket

My last time wearing Gap clothing was a sky blue fleece matching sweat shirt and pants. I wore it every friday to offset the curls I wore for cotillion. 

Not my best look.

For some reason, I never went back to see their updated styles. I find myself wishing that I had before now! A friend of mine was working in a Gap store this summer and was kind enough to send a family/friends discount around. I went in thinking "40% off, I guess I'll give it a try" but didn't really expect much. 

This made my discovery all the more incredible! 

I've been searching for a chic little tweed jacket for the longest time, a desire born from the iconic Chanel little black jacket. And what do I find in the unexpected Gap? An updated, casual tweed jacket that I am going to wear the heck out of!

Photos taken in the dressing room of Free People while shopping with Lisa. Check out that wall!

I sure did!

jacket- Gap 

I am in love! My new favorite is extremely comfortable and fits as if it was tailor-made. I love the little details, like the neon lining/cuffs and the peekaboo pockets. Well done, Gap. Well done.

leggings- Aerie 
tee- Madewell
shoes- frye (black and blue options)

 necklace- J.Crew crewcuts
Can't find it online, but I'm also eyeing this and this. I love crewcuts jewelry and hair accessories, they are just too cute!

Gap is offering 35% off of fall fashion and an extra 50% off of their sale items!
Go and find a new favorite of your own!

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