smilingrid: pops of color (part two)

August 16, 2013

pops of color (part two)

You know me, I am always on the lookout for new lipsticks to add to my collection! It's been a bit since I showed my stash (part one here!), so I thought I'd start updating every once in a while!

This installment are my new fancily packaged ones! I always appreciate when the products I use to  feel pretty are presented in a way that looks pretty. 

How gorgeous are those tubes? I love pulling them out for a touch up!

Chili Flake is this amazingly fiery, creamy concoction that is super fun to wear. For days when I want to feel like a hot tamale, I'm gonna apply a little Chili Flake before strutting my stuff! 

Cerise is a crazy bright deep pink. While I own a lot of pinks, none of them are like this one! It has a cooler undertone that makes it borderline purple in a very unique and flattering way.

Clinique has been a long-time favorite brand of mine! Some of my first ever beauty products were Clinique, given to me by my mom. What can I say, I've been hooked! I see Golden Brandy quickly becoming my new go-to shade to alternate with Estée Lauder's Starlit Pink

What are your favorite shades?


  1. I am sooo obsessed with lipsticks!! Thanks for the post I might have a look for these x

    Please have a look at my beauty blog,

    1. Let me know if you give them a try! Personally, I think they're wonderful, so I hope you like them just as much :)
      I have looked and loved your blog!