smilingrid: little bits of Lush

August 27, 2013

little bits of Lush

In my very first post about Lush, I told you lovely folks to ask for samples! I stand by that recommendation. The sales people are always lovely and I've found some of my favorite Lush products through grabbing random samples of things that smell good. Their samples last a surprisingly long time (which should tell you good things about their full sized products) and gives you wiggle room to decide if said product is right for you and your needs. 

Since I gave the advice, I thought I should show you my current stash of little Lush loves! 

Dark Angels is this amazing facial cleanser made with charcoal, black sugar, fancy mud and whatever makes it smell like black licorice. Now, I don't actually like the taste of black licorice, but my mom does so the smell makes me nostalgic of childhood outings. Along with my fond ramblings, I have grown to love this product as it cleans and exfoliates really well. It is also much easier to clean up after than my Herbalism. I've been using it every morning and love it!

Verdict: yup, I'll buy full sized when I run out! And I'm feeling the urge to give it out as Christmas presents...

I've definitely mentioned my obsessive love with Lush's Big shampoo, a sea salt and other goodies champion among hair products... and they must have heard me because they made an accompanying conditioner! The Big solid conditioner kind of looks like marzipan or white chocolate and smells like a sweet thing to eat (don't actually eat it, I don't think it's supposed to be ingested...). Pinch off a tiny amount and work it into a film/liquid that can be smoothed over your locks. I'm conflicted on this one since I haven't been using conditioner lately, but my mom really liked it!

Verditc: Maybe I'll buy it for my mom...

Putty for your Hands is a product that I would never think to buy for myself. It's half hand cleaner half hand lotion. You pinch an itty bitty bit and add a splash of water before smoothing it all over your hands. It does feel nice and smell equally so but I think I'll reserve judgment until I need to use the product.

Verdict: ask me again in the winter!

Olive Branch (orange) is what my new best friend recommended when I asked for a "clean scent" to bring to my mom. It has an olive oil base and mandarin orange scent. It lathers really well with just a drop or two and I think she liked it!

Verdict: Ask my mommy? I like the smell but haven't used it.

Big shampoo! I got a sample for my mom, but I think the salt tangled her hair too much. I shower at night and my tresses are slippery-smooth so they end up un-tangled by morning. I've ranted about this lovely shampoo (and the entirety of Lush) before here!

Verdict: ... I already own the full size *grin*

Dirty styling cream is a light hold gel that smells as amazing as the rest of the "Dirty" line! I don't really use styling products, but since I cut my hair I've needed a little help keeping up-dos, well, up! A tiny bit of cream and some bobby pins help me create a perfect bun without making it all crunchy and gross.

Verdict: I'm not planning on purchasing the full sized, but maybe I'll ask for another sample!

Have you ever fallen in love with a product after using a sample?


  1. Lsuh goodies are always so enticing. I visited a Lush store, but I didn't buy anything because I just couldn't choose!


    1. They are my absolute favorite brand! Ask the sales people for suggestions and don't be shy about samples (clearly I wasn't haha :D)

      Thanks for dropping me a line!