smilingrid: resolution

July 24, 2013


I chopped off a bit more of my hair yesterday (first chopping was way back here)! I hope I can do something fun involving my camera soon to give you guys a peek, but until then I shall leave you in suspense of exactly how much shorter it is (mwahaha).

I'm really loving having it so short! Add my new haircut to my somewhat recently discovered lipstick obsession and actual realization of personal style (with the extra help of some much needed wardrobe weeding) and I am feeling more comfortable in my skin than I ever have.

Kitty's noticed it too, as best friends do, telling my mom and I that she thinks I've really "found my look." And I gotta tell ya, Kittredge, I think I agree!

All these warm fuzzies have led me to an epiphany. I'm calling it my (almost) New School Year Resolution (yes, the capitalization is necessary!) and it boils down to letting go of embarrassment. Thinking about it, embarrassment- especially the kind that sneaks up in your memories way after the fact- is really just a choice to torture myself with things that have already happened and can no longer be changed. 

But! Something that can be changed is my attitude towards this part of the human condition. And you know what? I am feeling way too happy and having far too much fun to wrestle with something as silly as embarrassment!

High five, lovelies!