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July 22, 2013

yard sale

My mom is trying to reclaim the term "empty nesting."

For her, since "nesting" refers to buying loads of things when a baby is on the way, "empty nesting" is simply defined as "decluttering."
(I'm thinking that she's feeling a bit of the actual meaning of empty nesting, with me away at college and John on his way to college, but hey, whatever makes her happy!)

So, in order to empty the nest that is my childhood home, we decided to throw a yard sale!

Yard sales can be really fun but they can also be very stressfull, especially when super hagglers are involved and the people being haggled dislike my mom and I.

I didn't take all that many pictures, I only wanted to show you how crazy our front yard became! I can't remember a time when it was more colorful!

I managed to clean out my closet pretty thoroughly! One mom came by in the early hours of our sale and bought a good portion of my wardrobe... before coming back later with her daughter and buying even more!

Goodbye, baby carousel, I have loved you well.

We've never had a bird...or any caged creature for that matter...


It was crazily hot while we were outside, I ended up getting sunburned all across my shoulders! But, the heat couldn't beat back the catharsis of decluttering! It feels great to have streamlined our belongings and I plan to take the next step and figure out what to do with the random things that have accumulated on and around my desk.

If I don't blog in the near future, tell the search party to look under the avalanche of paper in my bedroom!

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