smilingrid: NYC: Times Square

July 18, 2013

NYC: Times Square

The rooming situation for freshmen at my college is pretty hit or miss. You can request someone you know from high school or before, an acquaintance from orientation, or choose to go random. Kitty and I contemplated requesting each other, but figured we could double our friend group right off the bat if we had separate roommates! So, with some trepidation, I clicked that "random" button and hoped for the best.

I really lucked out! I ended up with Megan for my roommate. She is really nice and we live really well together which is pretty important when, you know, you're rooming together! Makes sense, right?

The only problem since coming home has been that my roomie lives allllll the way in Delaware and it has been so weird not seeing her every day.

Thus, a plan was formed to meet up in New York City, a convenient bus ride from both of our respective homes. Other than a few bumps in our road to the Big Apple, we were able to have a day in each others company and a bit of an adventure!

We wanted to be spontaneous, so the extent of our planning was buying tickets to arrive and leave plus sending out texts to some friends in the area for recommendations. With that in mind, we headed to Time Square, tourist destination extraordinaire, to see if there were any matinees on the docket (there were not, heads up to anyone visiting NYC- matinees are only on Wednesdays apparently!) and take some touristy snaps!

Megan's a talented dancer, so she has her go-to pose! I don't know where her (super cute) shirt comes from and her shorts are part of the dance team uniform sooo I have no outfit links for you, sorry!

My shades are these thick, green-lensed, glacier glasses that my dad found once upon a time (cool alternatives here, here, and here)! My t-shirt is a staple from J.Crew, crazy comfortable and goes with everything. My shorts are a hand-me-down from my mom, a pair of waist-less Calvin Klein khakis (which makes them perfect for traveling!) similar here and here. My shoes are older sun-washed sneaks from LL Bean!

Since we didn't have a reason to stick around Times Square without tickets to buy, we started walking away only to see the Disney store. We watched the screen above it in awe for a few minutes and giddily went inside!

During the school year, I made Megan and I some door tags with the theme of disney princesses... 

... I think it's apparent that we are princesses, I mean, we do have our own castle!

My princess of choice was Rapunzel, when Tangled came out I watched it on a whim during a flight to France and loved it so much that I played it again on my way home! My ski team friends also decided that she was the princess most like me (my spirit animal, if you will), and with my recent hair chop this characterization is making more and more sense! 

Also, how cool is that escalator?! The floating lanterns from Tangled were both hung from the sloping ceiling and painted along the walls, interwoven with the carved trees that had etchings of favorite princesses in the branches! 

Megan chose Ariel, and while she doen't brush her hair with a fork, she is as artistically talented (dance rather than singing) and as sweet as the lovely red-headed princess!

The two of us had so much fun running around the store, I honestly felt like a kid again!

While walking the busy streets of New York looking for an entrance to the Highline Park, we ran right smack into a Hostess truck giving out free Twinkies! They also had us wait in line to grab some (also free) t-shirts and pins!

I'd actually never had a Twinkie before so Megan kindly documented the first bite for me!

While waiting in line for the aforementioned free things, we had quite the lovely view!

They also sent me this great roomie pic! 

All-in-all, a wonderful start to our reunion! I'll post the rest of our adventures in a few posts following this one, hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I loved living them!


  1. Looks like y'all had so much fun! That escalator really is super awesome. I'm so happy you finally got to experience a twinkie! I don't eat them much, but I was depressed when they decided to stop selling them. So glad they made a comeback! I would've loved a free twinkie on the street.

    1. SO much fun! I could've lived in that store, honestly, and I think we might be trying to incorporate some disney design into our dorm :) The twinkie was pretty good, not gonna lie! Probably made better since it was free, though!

      Thanks for stopping by!