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July 13, 2013

Nantucket: the town

The town on the island is completely idyllic. Like I explained before, it feels so special as a result of the mixture of old-world charm and relaxed chic.

This landmark shows how far away other beautiful places are from the lovely Nantucket!
I'm wearing the dress I got from Free People (still on sale here in red and yellow) that I posted about here!

how cute are they?

 You can get to town by the ferry, by foot, or by bike! While we were there, we utilized all of these options to travel to the center of town!

The bike path is beautiful and was so much fun to coast along with my mimi-me!

There are all sorts of quirky and cute little surprises to uncover in the town! 

Emma and I were treated to some real drug store frappes (that we dutifully shared with our moms!)

There's even a Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter kind of shop!
I managed to get some really precious snaps of my cousin, take a peek at the adorableness below!

The rest of the stores are a mix between big name chains and single made-in-Nantucket storefronts! 

I actually could have spent hours in this bookstore! I couldn't find a Norton Pride and Prejudice, but I did find another annotated/edited version that I've been in love with thus far!

There is so much bling, beautiful articles of clothing, and awesome environments! I could walk around and through these shops forever!

We also took a little 5-minute drive to walk around the gosh-darn-exquisit Cliffside Beach Club and Hotel. We were even lucky enough to get a tour from one of their concierges/"beach boys"! (he was also very cute...)

They have beautiful seating areas outdoors and indoors, a sprawling beach lined with colorful umbrellas, a pool area with all the trimmings, and rooms like bungalows! Being led through our tour, we all had to practically hold our jaws closed in the face of this perfection!

 cousin pics!

 mother-daughter pics!

 island chic, m'dear! *wink*

Mermaid? Sea-baby to the max!

We kept each other in stitches for the entire trip! It was a wonderful couple of days to spend with family  and a great addition to an already fun summer.

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