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July 12, 2013

Nantucket: the beaches

Is there anything more fun than a day at the beach? The combination of the sun-warmed sand, the crashing waves, and the freedom of having nothing to do adds up to a day well spent.

We started and ended our days at the cottage my aunt rented, just a short bike ride or walk from a gorgeous beach and backed onto water perfect for kayaking.

not bad, huh?

Remember what I said about the beach and its loveliness? Here, have some pictures so that you can vicariously feel the sand in your toes and the salt on your skin!

Now there, doesn't that feel nice?

My aunt bought me this t-shirt from Jack Wills in town to remember the trip by!

Mom and Aunt Janet stayed mostly under the umbrella, except to gallivant in the water with us!
 The waves were crazy big, especially on the first day I joined in the fun. They were breaking with enough force that we could body surf all the way to the shore! Sure, we ended up getting washer-machined a whole lot and our eyes and ears had to adjust to having salt water in them... but that made the playing all the more fun!!!

Emma and Conor even got up on their boards a whole lot while we were with them! Con-man was a lot farther out so no one got any shots of him, but still pretty darn impressive!

My mom and I hopped into a car with my aunt and uncle to go searching for the old hut we used to rent near a different beach, Surfside.

The house still looks exactly the same, making me feel extremely nostalgic. I really wish we'd continued our summer trips to Nantucket growing up, to have been able to form even more memories of this beautiful place.

We made our way down to the beach I remember, walking along the dunes until they open up to the perfect family beach! 

Finally, we partially re-enacted a christmas card with the caption "jump for joy" using the same wave-created sand cliffs. This really made me feel like a kid again, I half expected my dad to appear in the waves and start tossing me over the biggest ones! There's a youth hostel nearby, in an old lifesaving station from 1873, so I'm hoping to round up a group of friends next summer and we can create some memories all of our own!

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