smilingrid: Eggvocado

June 05, 2013


This is for one of those days when you've run out of scones and cereal just isn't tickling your fancy.

OR it could be for just about any time.

I give you the delicious, the nutritious, the prodigious (my favorite word growing up!)*drum roll* Eggvocado!

A mix between "egg" and "avocado" that pretty much amounts to "yummy."

You'll thank me for this.

Ingredients, Assemble!

Take your avocado and halve it.

Then use a spoon to scoop out enough of that delicious green goop (mmmm appetizing description, huh?) to make a decent bowl. (At this point, you should probably make a tin foil boat to minimize mess both now and when they're in the oven...)

Crack an egg in either side, smother in cheese, and pop those babies in the oven!

Now, my oven is old and very finicky so I've just been turning it to broiler and watching for the eggs to bake. If you want more specific instructions, there are plenty of recipes on pinterest!

I like to cover mine in Sriracha (which my family lovingly refers to as "thai ketchup"), but it's delicious on it's own or with any topping you'd want to try.

Seriously, it's that good.

Since it's so conveniently split in half, this can serve two...or you can just eat both yourself!


  1. Ahh yours look so much more yummy!! Hehe. I will have to carve mine out more next time & put more cheese. Mmmm

    Breakfast twins ;)

    1. Your avocado must have been huge to not make you carve it so much! I've loved it with seasonings like in your post, but thought the cheese made for good pictures :) Both are "yum!" inspiring!