smilingrid: rainy day eggs

June 07, 2013

rainy day eggs

When I was younger, every time I was sick my mom would make me a cream cheese omelet. Eating it, for me, brings warmth and comfort and the feeling of being taken care of. It's ridiculously rainy today and I could use a bit of that feeling.

Besides all of that sentimental stuff, it's also just yummy!

Whisk together however many eggs as you want with enough milk to turn the mixture a creamy yellow.

After buttering the pan, start cooking the eggs on medium heat.

Use a knife to add small amounts of the cream cheese, distributed pretty evenly across the surface of the omelet.

Let it cook all the way through.

Serve and cover in ketchup (if you like it on your eggs as much as I do. It's another thing I grew up with, ketchup on eggs and mac and cheese... don't question it!)

Hope this has brightened your rainy day as much as it has mine!

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