smilingrid: a tumultuous affair

June 26, 2013

a tumultuous affair

My on-and-off, love/hate relationship with Free People started when I received a beautiful plaid dress as a hand-me-down. 

Since then, I find that my favorite pieces of my wardrobe consistently have an FP tag.

Sounds peachy, right?


Remember how I said "sale" is a favorite word while shopping Newbury Street? It's also the only way I can shop in a Free People store without feeling like I'm torturing myself by looking at price tags. 

Luckily, yesterday was such a sale!!!

The girls working while I was there were super sweet! They handed me a dress while I was in the dressing room, just because one of them owned it in red and loved it. As I tried it on, they waited outside for me to do a demonstrative little twirl. She thought I'd like it and she was so right. It's ridiculously comfortable and the hemline is unlike any of the dresses in my closet!

I also found this absolutely gorgeous all season Linen Jacket.

Every time I enter a Free People store, I gravitate towards their sunglasses rack. This time I found the Whisper shades on sale! I got wicked excited about this because I tried them on last time I was there! 

Sales are always a fun thing, but this one was a special blast because of the awesome salespeople! Thanks ladies!

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