smilingrid: ombre toes

June 25, 2013

ombre toes

So, this will be a post including pictures of my toes. My entire grade and myself in high school had this sort of communal aversion to feet and their appearance, so if you share that ick feeling STOP READING AFTER THE PRETTY COLORS.

Okay, disclaimer delivered. 

So. I have a whole bunch of pretty blue shades of nail polish and what with the whole "ombre" craze on the internet, I thought I'd dip my toe to speak *wink*

essie overboard, l'oreal jet set to paris, orly snowcone, essie barbados blue, essie turquoise & caicos

Correspondingly, here's how my family of widdle pigs are painted: 
papa piggy, mama piggy, big sibling piggy, middle child piggy, baby piggy

Aaaaand, here are the pictures of my feet! 
(I ended up choosing only two, because while I like the paint, I already established my dislike for feet. yup)

I think I did a pretty good job giving myself a pedicure, and the colors make me think of the ocean! It's like I have little pieces of summer in every step!

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