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June 28, 2013

Red Sox

Yesterday, my mom attended a Red Sox game with friends from work but the day before was my turn! Kitty had tickets and we made a merry band of elementary-turned-college friends when Molly joined!
(we almost didn't get a picture so I made them very touristly pose in front of the iconic Citgo sign as we walked back to the t)

The atmosphere on Yawkey Way before games is always infectious! There are ecstatic fans everywhere, food vendors yelling, cameras snapping, even men on stilts! 

We were riiiiiight behind home plate! Such a cool perspective on America's favorite pastime! 

These adorable girls sang the national anthem, and we were in awe of them (and the camera man's dreads)!

"Let's play ball!"

Games are always fun, especially when with old friends. Despite the incredibly exciting moments like home runs, base-stealing, and strike-outs, there are lulls which lend themselves to to catching up. We reminisced about the curse breaking Red Sox team of 2007 and our crazed adoration for them (Molly just about busted my gut with her story of meeting her "future husband" Johnny Damon as she hung her head into the dugout!) 

Just a whole bunch of pictures of the game! It was pretty overcast and ended up raining over the stadium, luckily we were not in the open air so only got marginally misted.

Woo hoo! Red Sox won! The final score was Red Sox 5, Rockies 3, sending us for celebratory burger and fries at Tasty Burger!

I leave you with two pictures that almost define the Fenway area.

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