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May 22, 2013

well, this is new

Hi there, don’t you look lovely today?
I’m pretty darn new at this, if it isn’t apparent by this being my first ever blog post!
See, I’m an English major and it was pretty obvious by my one great love for the subject throughout school that I was always going to be an English major.
(which freaks my mom out something fierce)
Since my parents are doing the whole “Will she ever get a job?!” thing for me, I’ve actually been pretty chill about the whole thing and have just been taking classes about topics I love.
Anyways, my mom decided to ask her previously-majored-in-English friends for advice on what I should be doing and how I should be presenting myself. The answer was to start a blog, which if you think about it is really just a huge, permanent, internet-based writing portfolio.
I had some misgivings (which have obviously been overcome if you are reading this).
Firstly, I have trouble with the whole permanence part. When I was younger, I couldn’t even keep journals for too long without getting paranoid that someone was going to find them and somehow use them against me (these plots usually involved a major crisis that could only be averted by me keeping my innermost thoughts away from prying eyes. I had quite the imagination when I was younger… and now. I don’t think imagination is something you can really lose.) As it turns out, I have the half-emptied husks of these former journals crammed around and between the books in my room. So the idea of having what amounts to a public journal and the fact that the Internet is forever would send younger-me running in terror. Older-me is somehow ignoring that urge (pretty much by convincing myself this blog won’t be found unless I show it to someone). We’ll see if it lasts in the face of actually posting things. *gulp*
Secondly (and this was pretty much just an excuse), I didn’t have a camera.  Most of the blogs I enjoy and read regularly employ pictures to break up the text, provide context, and just straight-up look nice. My previous cameras have come to untimely ends: I lent one to my brother for his ski camp and he either sat or fell on it to cause the resulting dent; the next one stopped working within a couple months (I’m still unsure why or where it’s gone…); and my last one kept having a lens malfunction probably as a result of dust or dirt in the bottom of my purse (according to my dad, who I am prepared to trust on this because he has an uncanny way with electronics and actually ended up disemboweling the camera to try and put it back together in a functioning manner.) My parents decimated this defense by buying me a new baby and a case to go with it for my birthday (isn’t she a beaut?)

She is a Canon PowerShot A2500, if that means something to any of you. 

And she is currently neglected and unnamed so I am accepting suggestions!
(Also, I took these with my phone. Taking a picture of a device that is supposed to take the picture is surprisingly hard!)
Thirdly and lastly, it is sort of difficult to come up with things to blog about. I love to write (something I have to remind myself of whenever finals week comes around and I have more papers than tests and survive off of coffee and sour patch kids), but it feels harder to write about myself instead of writing about a novel or jotting down the half-formed stories in my head and sharing them with one of my best friends. Who knows, maybe if I get comfortable enough with this format, I’ll post some snippets of my crazy little worlds. Despite this misgiving, I have come to the conclusion that I won’t really know until I try and that starting now is just as good as any other time I could start.
Plus, I actually have something cool coming up in my life! I’m going to Boston Calling this weekend, a two-day music festival in the City Hall Plaza. I’m going with one of my closest friends, the same one I mentioned above, and it is going to be amazing! Keep posted, I’ll tell you about it soon!

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